1. BlazedOutlaw.com is a portal site that brings together like minded people and businesses in the Cannabis community and industry.

2. #TokeNation magazine is printed by an outside printer. We can not give out printed copies for free but we can give the digital file (suitable for eReaders) to participants who ask for it.

3. The price of each #TokeNation issue is determined by the printer based on the number of pages. We do NOT take a profit from the sales of the magazine. We add a minimal markup to help cover the cost of this website.

4. We will NOT give out free merchandise just because you ask nicely. The products made by Goddess's Touch take hours and often days to create (for EACH one).

5. We support all sex workers but particularly we support online sex workers. It takes a lot of time and expensive equipment to produce and edit good content. These folks work just as hard as anyone else an deserve our support.