Blazed Outlaw

Blazed Outlaw is a place of Zen and good vibes where recreational stoners and Cannabis patients alike. We are home to #TokeNation magazine, Goddess's Touch Unique Gift Boutique and Blazed Outlaw Gaming.

Blazed Outlaw supports sex workers!

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#TokeNation Magazine

#TokeNation magazine truly is "BY Stoners... FOR Stoners... ABOUT Stoners...

As Cannabis became legalized in more and more places, we began to notice that all the media attention was focused on celebrities and big companies. No one was shining the light on the small mom -n- pop businesses or the regular people who are also working towards bettering the Cannabis industry.

As such, #TokeNation magazine will never feature celebrities, big name companies or professional models. Just real stoners, real Cannabis patients and small businesses.

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Goddess's Touch
Unique Gift Boutique

Goddess's Touch creates high end and very unique wooden pipes and bongs and leather 420 accessories. We strive for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that will be the envy of all your friends.

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Blazed Outlaw Gaming

Blazed Outlaw Gaming features gameplay videos recorded WHILE we are stoned and/or getting stoned. Current videos feature Grand Theft Auto Online and 7 Days To Die.

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Stoner Visions Art

Art and merchandise created BY stoners... FOR stoners. Offering wall hangings, blankets, pillows and other household items for your smoking room!